I am currently a fifth year Ph.D candidate in Columbia University. My advisor is Wei Zhang. This is my CV.

‮liu‭: qir‬liame‬i@mat‮ude.aibmuloc.h

My primary research interest is in Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry. Here is a list of my preprints. For those not submitted, please send me an email for it.

  • An intersection formula for CM cycles in Lubin-Tate spaces
  • On Keating's result of endomorphism liftings for formal modules
  • On the linear Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma
  • Extensions of vector bundles on the Fargue-Fontain curve(AWS project with C.Birkbeck, T.Feng, D.Hansen, S.Hong, A.Wang and L.Ye.)

Here is a list of my teaching.

  • 2017 Summer,Linear Algebra
  • 2016 Fall,College Algebra
  • 2016 Summer,Linear Algebra
  • 2015 Summer,Linear Algebra

If you are interested in my design of this website or CV. I am happy to share my templates with you by e-mail.